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Brian here, your Wellness Director.  Labor Day weekend is upon us, so it is likely you are getting ready for either a cookout, pool party, or just kicking back and relaxing.  For those who are partying or plan on chowing, you may know how difficult it is to eat healthful or maintain portion control.  Especially, if you are not in control of the menu.  My advice is to try a scoop of protein powder (flavored Whey) mixed with 4-6oz of plain water, about 1/2 hour prior to the festivities or before leaving for the event.  Studies show that the protein (especially Whey) will help satiate you and control your appetite.  It is not too exciting, but it does work.
Consider this: What would it be like if you could have a micro-chip implanted in your brain that programs you to eat healthy foods, control portions, eliminate poor eating patterns and food addictions, and exercise at least three times per week? Sounds like something out of a Sci-fi movie right? Or, you might be thinking that the surgery part does not sound like fun, but how cool it would be to have control over these behaviors.  Well, you actually can (without microchip surgery).  
I experienced it myself when I began on YourSlimVision (YSV).  When I met Beverly Rothstein, Founder and President of YSV, I was very excited about the program because it was not another fad diet.  It was a way to use your own mind to make changes.  However, the changes occur on a much deeper level.  Sure, many diet programs talk about behavior and so forth.   I have yet to see long term results from any of these programs.  Very few folks ever keep their weight off long term.  Why? The reason is that they have not actually changed their subconscience mind.  They rely too much on will power.  Over 85% of our thought processes come from the subconscious mind.  This is where YSV outshines the rest!
Since childhood, I've had this behavior of eating in the middle of the night (I am now 44).  I am an insomniac and would eat in the middle of each night in an attempt to return to sleep.  Does't sound like that big of a deal right? Unfortunately, I suffered from severe heartburn and asthma.  This behavior was affecting the health of my digestive system and overall health.  I could not stop.  If I did not eat, I would not return to sleep.  Keep this thought.
Fast Forward:
I wanted to help Beverly promote her program because I believed that the only way we (human race) are ever going to erase the obesity epidemic is to use our minds.  I did not have weight to lose, but I wanted to try it if I am going to promote it.  Three days later after using the program, my significant other asked me why there was no cereal bowl on the kitchen counter.  Meaning, did I not eat in the middle of the night?  I really did not have a good explanation, other than I just did not feel like it.  We were both stunned.  I am thrilled to announce that I am 6 months and still no eating in the middle of the night, plus, sleeping much better.  I did not use the program for this problem, I was not even thinking about it when Beverly showed it to me.  That is how powerful this program is.  I have kicked my addiction!
The food industry is using everything in their power to manipulate you to eat more, more, and more.  For example, Look at the signs in the windows of McDonalds.  The posters of the sugar/fat ladened coffee beverages are life size! This is a visual enticement, and we don't even realize it is happening us.  It is! And it is not going to stop.
YSV is helping people (adults and children) lose weight and keep it off, eliminating food addicitions, and actually promoting a wonderful sense of well being.


It will be the best investment for your health.  
If you would like more information about my success or have comments or questions,    E-mail me at


To your good health,