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Greetings DivaDevians,

Welcome to the new DivaDeva Wellness blog!

My name is Brian and I am your Wellness Director. I hope you find the information here helpful and inspiring. I have been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years, and I am confident that if you are reading this blog you are looking for information and products to achieve your own fitness goals. And, don't forget your incredible anti-aging skin care products too!

In my first introductory blog I would like to share with you my recent "vacation" workout experience.  This happens to be one of my favorite topics. Although I "scale" back my workouts while on vacation, I never go without exercise. Remember, it is much harder to get back into it when you return. Therefore, staying "fine tuned" while away will keep you motivated. I stayed at my brother's house in Massachusetts. Fortunately, the weather was great and one day we did some hiking in the New Hampshire mountains.

Now, for my next workout, I needed to be a little creative. The gym I usually go to while visiting my brother was closed... meaning out of business. Was I worried?  Absolutley not. I always bring my tubing system (elastic bands) when I travel. They are very light weight and portable. That particular day, I looked for other items that could mimic what I need in the gym. Here is what I found in the backyard and actually used (really) in my workout:

Nephew's playground:  Excellent Pull-up station

Chain link fence:   Attached my tubing system for various upper body resistance exercises

Small Donald Duck beach ball:  Added resistance for Pilates and ab exercises

Swimming pool flotation mat:  This was my Pilates and abs mat

Outdoor patio furniture:  Perfect for stretching and leg lifts/supported squats etc.

Concrete perimeter of the inground pool:  Walking lunges!

As you see, with just a little creativity you can get a great workout anywhere!  I look forward to receiving your questions or comments about fitness or anti-aging.   E-mail me at

To your good health,