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Note from the Diva,

Taking the myth out of skin care

Are you confused with skincare in general?? Many of us are including me sometimes! That’s why I spend so much time developing new products that will show results.  I believe in simple formulations with proven results that are easy to use and understand how they actually work on the skin. The reality is that the Beauty Business uses a lot of hype in the marketing.  That being said, there may seem to be a hidden Beauty Secret in that $500.00 cream that will make you 20 years younger!  It really is alll hype and money out of your pocket! So before you buy anything know your ingredients, shortly we will have a page that will explain specific ingredients and how they work.I believe we all should be able to afford Fabulous Skin Care and DIVADEVA does just that, safe effective and affordable with proven results.  Period. 

The real secret is that there are certain ingredients used to target specific concerns such as hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration.  There is no reason for these ingredients need to be so overpriced and unobtainable. I’ll tell you there is no magic potion.  Sounds strange coming from me Right?? 

Wait, it’s the truth!

You need a solid régime, be consistent every morning and night.  Use your Products for cumulative effects to target the areas of concern with products that will show results.  Whether it is is lines and wrinkles, dark circles or sagging skin we have developed a formulation that will target that concern and show you a results.  No hype just the simple truth: “Clean Chemistry”(for those of you who know Brian our Wellness Director that’s his quote shhhh). Also, Power Peptide Serum for example contains Argeriline a powerful peptide that can relax expression lines by 23% in 30 days.  However, you need to keep using it to see the desired effect.  So put the bottle by your tooth brush you won’t forget!! Every time you look in the mirror you will see the difference. Guaranteed!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions