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 High Tech Home Skin Care

Segment Aired 10/21/10

Fasten your seat belts and take a rocket ship to the future of home skin care!  These high-tech products address the 4 most undesirable signs of facial aging: Crows Feet, Sagging Skin, Lines & Wrinkles and the dreaded Facial Hair!

DivaDeva - REVERSE-Instant Wrinkle Remover

DivaDeva is included in this segment because they have launched a product that truly reflects the amazing, cutting-edge discoveries that are going on in cosmetic chemistry.  The product we featured is their REVERSE-Instant Wrinkle Remover.  In all fairness, the “magic” it performs, in getting wrinkle to disappear, is temporary; but, two important attributes separate this product from those we have previously seen on the cosmetic market. 

First, it really does smooth the skin, not just a little bit but a lot!  So, if you hold no illusions that one application is going to be equal to a facelift, and you would be happy with some major, albeit superficial, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, you are in luck.  Secondly, all the “line erasing” serums that I have come across have had a downside…they may tighten the surface but they also dry out the skin and often lose their tightening or tensing ability if you apply a moisturizer over them.   I did not experience that with REVERSE.  So, while it is not a permanent facelift in a bottle, nothing is and for the “wow” effect it delivers I would say that it is a must have in anyone-over-forty’s cosmetic arsenal.

NuFace-Home Microcurrent System

Recently, Carol Cole, a cosmetic dermatologist based in San Diego with over 25 years experience including in office microcurrent treatments for a celebrity client base, launched: NuFace - the first (and she claims only) FDA approved true home microcurrent system on the US market.

Microcurrent technology – although fairly new in the US – is claimed to be one of the best anti aging treatments and similar home systems have been shown to work extremely well in Europe where they are well established.  I have had some experience with the professional version of these devices and they do work but, like the sands of time, you have to have to make treatment a regular, if not daily, part of your “maintenance”.

So, here’s the routine; you need to use the device at least five days a week for the first three months and then 2-3 times a week to maintain and build on these results.  If you do, I feel confident in saying that if you will experience what Carole Cole claims: “in around 5 minutes per day – tighter skin, more defined jaw line and cheekbones, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, lifted eyebrow, wider eye, and a more youthful glow.

NuFace is selling for $379 – obviously not a cheap addition to your skin care regimen but what you have to consider is what you might save on in office microcurrent treatments (at around $100 a treatment), or something even more invasive, that initial investment doesn’t seem so bad.

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System

The idea behind the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System(COSIS) is that it will fill in the fine lines around the eye contour area to create a more rested, and  youthful appearance. The device’s creation implies that technology can perform the job better than the human fingers because it massages the cream into the wrinkles in a way that the fingers cannot.

The anti aging cream is a “sea serum” that is supposed to be specifically designed to work with the unit for maximum benefits. The marketing materials assert that fine lines will be reduced by plumping up the skin and that firming peptides and a hydrating sugar go to work for longer term improvement. Initially the results were sustained about 6 hours, but others have reported up to 8 hours. Opal does state that results will vary and that for long lasting effects daily use is required.

Be aware that the design would lead you believe that you must buy the Clarisonic system serum for continued use, but I applied other serums to my skin and then used the COSIS to effectively massage them into the tissues, and that seemed to work just fine.  I think the benefit to emphasize here is the gentle, yet efficacious, quality of the massage you receive from the system.  Could the same level of penetration be achieved with manual massage?  Probably, but not without some undesirable pulling and tugging, and that’s not the best idea as the skin ages.